March brings The Arcade madness


March is here and it has brought with it this year’s first round of Arcade madness.

I logged into a Second Life yesterday that was buzzing with excitement. People trading, individuals clamoring to get in, some whining and throwing tantrums because they can’t get in. While others boasted and put up gyazo links to show off their loot to anyone who’d care to see. And then there are those who spent too much playing a gacha just to get that one rare item, lamenting the loss of their lindens which does equate to real life money after all. There were a generous few who gave away their duplicate prizes while others sold theirs on the marketplace.

I got my arcade stuff by going to the Seraphim yard sale which is another way to get your arcade fix. It’s a pretty nifty idea if you ask me. I also checked the listings on the marketplace for those items that I couldn’t find at the yard sale. There’s also an off chance that someone will sell a common item lower than the pull price on the mp. At the Seraphim yard sale, the organizers set up huge stalls for each brand where re-sellers can put up their duplicates or unwanted gachas and sell them at pull price. Pull price being the amount that they paid for to get the item in the first place. Not all stalls were filled though or all body sizes represented, more than half of the clothing that were being sold were for the Maitreya Lara even though the store brand had sizes available for other mesh bodies. Where are all the slink and belleza gacha re-sellers? I did see a smattering of Isis and hourglass sizes but they were too few.


Even though I didn’t get my fix of fashion at the yard sale (it’s still early, I haven’t given up hope yet!), I did however go on a decor shopping spree! One store brand in particular caught my eye and got me all excited. The drd stall with its Vagabond set, rustic items with fabric made of faded hippie colors, shabby chic decor and furniture that’s perfect to go with my other rustic shabby pieces in this one corner of our garden. I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much lindens on any one particular gacha as I did buying the different pieces in this set. I didn’t get them all, but again there’s still time lol. I would have liked the rare canopy bed or the trailer (I didn’t expect anyone to sell that at the yard sale at pull price) but I was more than happy with the things that I brought home with me and had a lot of fun decorating our garden in the sky. My friends came over too and chatted while I worked on that corner of the parcel, which definitely made it an even more pleasant experience.

The Vagabond prizes are 75 lindens per pull, like any other gacha they are no copy/transfer but you can exchange them for copy/no transfer versions at their gacha exchange located on their sim. Just rezz an unpacked copy on the sign that says rezz here and it will immediately send you a copy/no transfer version of the item. I love that they gave us this choice, most gacha sellers don’t, and considering the quality of DRD items which are worth more than 75 lindens for sure, this one as daddy would say is a great deal! *grins*


List of the stuffies and some additional info

*all the DRD gacha items

  • 6 – DRD – Vagabond – Smokers Bench – One c/m [3 prims]
  • 8 – DRD – Vagabond – Drop Lamp c/m [1 prim]
  • 23 – DRD – Vagabond – Wendy’s Storage c/m
  • 9 – DRD – Vagabond – Barrel Table c/m [4 prims]
  • 13 – DRD – Vagabond – Umbrella Chandelier c/m [7 prims]
  • 3 – DRD – Vagabond – Hang Out Rug – PG c/m [5 prims]
  • 21 – DRD – Vagabond – Hippie Swag c/m [7 prims]
  • 18 – DRD – Vagabond – Yellow Chair c/m [1 prim]
  • 17 – DRD – Vagabond – Table c/m [6 prims]
  • 5 – DRD – Vagabond – Wood Sign – Gypsy Soul c/m [1 prim]

Where to get ...


*other items in the photos

Let’s talk about Mondays


I love mornings, Mondays, bright sunshiny days . . .

Someone once pointed out to me that my profile must be a lie, their reasoning was “because everyone hates Mondays”. This total stranger exerted their energy, time and effort just to tell me that I was a liar for having that on my profile. I found this strange, and what’s more baffling was that they assumed to know what everyone likes or don’t like. On the positive side they did give me the inspiration for today’s content. *grins*

I suppose it’s safe to say that not everyone likes Mondays, because not everyone likes the same things, just as not everyone likes the *cough cough* Maitreya body *cough* … yet there are still people who insist that it’s the best. To accuse a random stranger that they are lying for stating that they like Mondays is silly and stupid.¬† First of all, I doubt that they’ve met everyone, 2nd; they haven’t met me, and 3rd, by the mere fact that I stated on my profile that I love Mondays that already breaks the notion that everyone hates it. You can apply this logic to those who insist that a certain mesh body is the best too if you like.

I like Mondays simply because it’s the start of the week. To me that implies hope, opportunity, a chance to live or to better your life. Every day should be like this, but I see Monday’s as some kind of benchmark for when all life starts back up again, begins the cycle of living, after the weekend spent sleeping, resting, or engaging in leisurely pursuits. Also remember, if you didn’t have Mondays you’d never get to Tuesday, or to Wednesday, or Thursday and eventually to Friday which means no weekend for you either. Monday is just one step forward towards the weekend. If there’s a day that I dislike the most I’d have to say its Sunday, Sunday means you don’t have much time left to enjoy your weekend and you feel pressured to squeeze in everything during that small amount of time. It’s alright if you hate Mondays though, or like Maitreya’s mesh body just don’t assume that everyone does.

About the outfit: Stuff you might want to know

My look for today is this colorful patched bodysuit and bomber from the store Seul. I’m not familiar with this store but I’m glad they made sizing for my mesh body which is Belleza’s Freya body. I’ve actually been wearing this outfit, that I got from this current round of Uber, a lot since I bought it. It’s sexy, sporty, kick ass and cool. It accentuates all my curves in all the right places, which in turn drives daddy crazy. *grins* The bomber and bodysuit are sold separately and will set you back by 575 lindens, 275 for the bodysuit and 300 for the bomber. Each piece comes in 5 different colors and has sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Isis and Maitreya

The stockings that I’m sporting with this outfit is also from Uber, from a store named Juju, you can get it in three different single styles; sheer, ripped, fishnet, each for 150 lindens or all three in a fat pack for 250. I bought the fat pack, just seemed more logical to get that since it was cheaper in the long run and you seldom see mesh stockings that is well made like this. It comes in high feet size for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Lara and Physique.

Here be the links you are looking for:

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