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I’m Upcycling – All for free ! (Reblogged from Pure Eggs & Spam)

Upcycled SignJust a quick post because this too good not to share! Everything in this store is so cute and free. You can even set home to here if you don’t have one. Karra is so generous to be giving all these stuff away for free and giving free use of her place to the public.

Pure Eggs & Spam

I might be the very last person in Second Life to know about this store ^Upcylced^ – but whatever, its exciting ! I was browsing the market place (as you do!) and came across a small item of decor I liked – went to the store and BOOM what a surprise ! Karra Baker makes things, pretty and beautiful things – for free. Yep, everything is free and you know what? In some items there is an added bonus of a transferable version to give away or to your alt. Sooo I mooched the store inworld and spent a happy half an hour trying out things and gawping in general. There are a few bits n bobs of clothing but mostly just glorious decor pieces – really really lovely pieces! The rug and everything on it are all free, lovely poses for single pringles and couples – and its all…

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Using zdrop command to manage your inventory

The Prim

Hi! It’s me once again! Last time I talked about cramming all your stuff inside boxes to manage that bloat in your inventory caused by the many freebies from last month’s gift extravaganza. I mentioned the zdrop command in that blog post and provided a link to a Firestorm info page that talks about it.

Today, I’m going to present you with a quick and easy step by step guide on how to do it. I hope this helps and can be an easy reference guide to browse through while you try to deal with that messy inventory of yours.

Step 1. Create a folder
Create a folder
  • Create a folder with a unique name. There should not be another folder in your inventory with the same exact name. For example: abcdef. Select the items that you want to put in your box and drag them into this folder.
2. edit window
Rez a prim
  • Rez a prim on the ground and right click edit it to open up the edit window. Look near the bottom of this window and find the button that says copy keys. Click that and you’ve got the uuid to your prim box ready. Close the edit window.

Write command

  • Now you are ready to drop those items in your folder into the box. Type the following command without the quotes or parenthesis in local chat in the exact order, “zdrop on (paste the keys that you copied here/prim uuid) (name of the source folder your items are in)” and hit enter. Before doing this, make sure that the edit window for the box is closed so you don’t lose any items in the process.

zdrop visual

  • You will see something like this on local chat while the process is going on. After the transfer is done and all your items are in the box, make sure to take the box back into your inventory for safekeeping.

I hope this helps you with your inventory management goals. This is just one of the many ways to organize and lower your inventory count. There are other ways out there to organize your inventory which I’ll talk about another time. The best thing about this process is that it’s simple, quick, easy, and most of all, free!

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Managing your inventory in Second Life

Managing Your Inventory

And so the festivities are over and all that holiday decor has been taken down. My inventory has expanded exponentially over the course of a few weeks from all the free stuff from hunts and advent calendars that I picked up and it’s time to face the music. Time to buckle down and tackle the task head on.

As I look inside my inventory, I feel this burgeoning heavy feeling. All those piles and piles of folders and jumble of boxes all mixed together from different events, tons of hunt items, and sales that go way back to the great black Friday sale of 2017. I call it that because I went a bit overboard with my shopping then. It all feels overwhelming, what’s a girl to do with all these crap err stuff?

Here’s three easy steps to organize that mess in your inventory!

First thing to do is to hide all that stuff inside your objects folder to give you that clean accomplished feeling. Done! Your inventory looks nice again yay!

Next. Find all the items from the same events by using filters, for example .. holiday hunt, woh4 for the women only hunt, cosmopolitan for their advent calendar gifts, ebento etc … you get my drift.

Last step. Cram all of the items from the same event into your very expensive box, item sorter, or rez a free block of wood (aka a prim) and drop all your things in there and you are done! For those dropping things in a prim box here’s a tip. Firestorm lets you drop all the items in a folder using the zdrop command.

Now if you want to go beyond the first three easy steps (its your funeral) keep on reading.

What’s left for you to do is unpack all those boxes which would once more bloat your inventory, go through them one by one. Yes, rez that house, furniture, Christmas wreaths, garlands, snowmen or trees that you don’t need anymore because Christmas is over and cram them in the right box/category. Try on those free hairs and free clothes, free jewelry, delete the ones you don’t like and if you are like me upload a photo to your wardrobe, set it up so you can wear it from your personal wardrobe site/closet and make links in your rlv folder for it to work! Easy peasy right?!!!

Does all this sound like work to you? It does for me too! So if you don’t want to go through all that trouble follow the first three steps, shop, pick up free stuff and do the same three steps all over again!

Note: I wrote a step by step tutorial on how to use the zdrop command in this post.

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Happy New Year! 2018

Happy New Year 2018

From my sl family to yours, we wish you a prosperous new year filled with lots of joy, hope, laughter and smiles; blessings that are bountiful, good friends and a loving family to stick by.  A clean slate free of grudges and negativity, and the courage and will to welcome hope, love, and even change in our lives and the good that it can bring whatever circumstances you may find yourself in the coming new year ahead.