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Invisible People

Madpea's Sinister Slaughters Library
Empty spaces & invisible people – what its like with the show friends only option

Having a slow internet or computer isn’t fun in sl. I’ve been dealing with the first since the month of October started. Confined to quarters is how I think of it. I’m still able to get out of my parcel with a lot of persistence and trepidation hoping that with each teleport, I make it to my favored destination even if it takes a bit longer than what is normal. I’m scared of sitting down on any furniture in case I get stuck, ghosted, or end up somewhere in oblivion which in sl’s case is either up in the sky or down below stuck in the ground or the sea bed. I’m thankful that I’ve been lucky enough to still get online to see my daddy and spend time with him, get some shopping done which is surprising that I still can despite of the really slow connection. I do have to wait for what seems like forever for things to rezz around me, and sometimes I end up sending a support ticket to get the item that I purchased if there’s no re-delivery for it.

Once I got so frustrated at being stuck at home, not able to attend any of the many events that’s going on around the grid, and there’s plenty it being Halloween month in sl, which is usually a lag fest in itself because of the many avatars that go – which makes it even more appealing. I decided I’d go and try anyway, even if I have to derender everyone except for myself and daddy (you can do this in the Firestorm viewer using the show friends only feature) to be able to hear the music and see us dancing with each other.

I don’t like resorting to this as one of the fun things about Second Life, one of the things that I like about it is knowing that there are other alive and awake people running around, doing things, talking with other people, making friends, meeting new faces, creating the virtual world that I love so much and making it as alive and dynamic as it possibly can as the real world is like.