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Its my rezz day and I’ll party if I want to, paaaaaarrrttttyyy if I want tooooooooo …. you’d party too if you had the reasons to

Rez day 2017(c)

As I celebrate my “third year” in Second Life I look back at the past three years and everything that has passed in both virtual and physical worlds, I feel much joy and grateful that there had been more blessings in my life than annoyances in the past three years. It isn’t just the lessening of negatives that I am grateful for but the continuous improvement of both my virtual and first life that I am.

Three years ago I struggled with personal issues brought on by others and events, as well as a cornucopia of illness due to declining health that might have been a result of years of stress, abuse, neglect, and a whole lot of negativity in my life. All of which left me feeling miserable, alone, and much depressed. I had been absent from Second Life for quite some time, wrenched from it by the real and other virtual worlds. I wasn’t sure going back would be a good idea or that it would produce different results from my first time around. I felt uncertain as I gingerly filled up the form that would create my new avatar, Astra.

Astra’s name is based on a character in one of my favorite shows then. She wasn’t even an active character, just a name mentioned in passing. Hers was the story that seemed to define the path the main protagonist took in his life. She was a girl who got swept into hell by a demon he and his friends were dealing with. Back then I felt like I was that girl, sucked into my own private hell with no hope of getting out and no help forthcoming. I know that sounds overly dramatic but that’s the place that I was coming from back then. Things have changed much since, its better, brighter, sunnier now, with my health improved by what seems at the moment by leaps and bounds, though it did take a long slow ass time to get there lol.

And all of this ….. everything, hinged on the part where I met daddy on that patch of virtual road and our paths crossed. My rez day may not be the day that we actually met in world but in our minds it was the path that gave us the opportunity to meet each other and make things so much better, for us today is a day worth celebrating and being happy for despite all the negatives that we each deal with in the course of our lives outside of sl.